Goldchip SMEs Network Private Limited is a network of SME’s, for SMEs. Goldchip is focused on building SMEs of India as organizations with irrefutable reputation, unquestionable integrity, and unshakeable financial foundation. Any SME that fulfils these criteria becomes a Goldchip Privileged Member, and any Goldchip Privileged Member, by virtue of that membership gets the stamp of reliability anyone in the business world would vouch for. Goldchip will deploy all its resources – its pool of experts from various specializations, earned goodwill of banking, trade and financial institutions, and the market knowhow acquired over years of experience, for fulfilling the business objectives of its clientele and the privileged members. Apart from providing institutional finance, networking with other expert professionals and material procurement Goldchip is also offering an unstinted support by an dedicated team to look after its privileged members. One decision to become a Privileged Member opens up several doors that you never realized existed! Contact us to know more…

Our Vision

To make Indian economy strong, stable and supreme

Our Mission

To be the favored anchorage for entrepreneurs by making money, material,
man, machine and market accessible to them in fair, feasible and fast manner

ABCD - our four core values:

  • Add Value – Provide timely, reliable and complete service to our stakeholders
  • Best People – Partner with considerate, qualified and quality-oriented people
  • Complete Approach – Think wholesome with focus on the total experience
  • Deal with Dignity - Uphold human dignity with honesty in all transactions