Debt Syndication

Doing business using your personal funds without availing of loan, is like relying on one’s lungs, refusing to carry oxygen at above 24000 feet above sea level. At elevations such as this, you are unable to get enough oxygen, your brain cells are dying, your heart works really hard, your digestive system stops working, your lungs are filling with water, you are tired and disoriented, and physical movement is possible only with great effort. So it is in business, when you are scaling up. You cannot follow Shakespeare’s dictum: ‘‘ Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend’.

When you scale mountains, your body needs time to acclimatize. The higher the mountain, more the time you take to acclimatize. Similarly, whether you start business, or you are scaling up, you need time to find equilibrium. You need all the resources to meet the extra, unforeseen, unexpected turn of events.

Only in an environment where timely and transparent mechanisms are available to secure loans, can enterprises grow. For SMEs to grow, easy transparent debt financing options are required. Delivery, structure and cost of debt are three key factors here. Timely availability of loan makes all the difference to business decisions. An SME faces several hurdles – cumbersome and voluminous paperwork, laid back attitude of bankers, and files passing through several hands in several locations, transfer of bank personnel and so on. A small SME which has no bargaining capacity has to bear all this for getting an approval. Sadly by the time an approval comes the SME may have already lost that business opportunity or may have availed a loan from other sources at a very high cost, which would finally hurt the financials. Even worse some are tempted to approach unscrupulous agents and indulge in unfair and illegal practices such as greasing palms of intermediaries to get the loans sanctioned.

What do you get as Premium Goldchip Members?

  • We at Goldchip have a reliable panel consisting of experts. These experts will be drawn from several areas. There will be financial consultants with several years of experience in banking sector, entrepreneurs who in who are abreast with the latest information about bank loans.
  • Budding SMEs will get information about various types of loans (both fund based and non-fund based) from our expert panel members who will personally proffer optimum customized solutions.
  • Financially matured and sound SMEs will get advice on how to choose better debt financing options with reduced interest cost.
  • SME members will get advice on most suitable debt structure and lowest interest rates.
  • We will ensure that members see substantial improvement in profitability with comfortable debt terms and conditions, and affordable cost..
  • Goldchip would negotiate with as many bankers as necessary to ensure that you avail of the right schemes and get the best deal.
  • Goldchip is a reliable brand that banks can rely on, and banks will easily accept a Goldchip privileged member as a creditworthy client.
  • Goldchip ensures fast outcomes and only entirely transparent deals.
  • Goldchip shall not be charging any amount for getting this loan availed from specified banks as fees.*
  • Goldchip through its support system will advise its privileged members of how existing loans can be restructured and costs could be reduced.
  • Goldchip panel will have a dedicated expert staff for each specified privileged member.
  • Goldchip team will interact with you, the privileged members to help you cull the optimum benefits from this membership

*The paperwork however has to be completed by you. Ofcourse, we could assist you in finding a consultant to whom you can outsource this, if you so wish.