Why Would You Want to be a Goldchip Consultant?

Here is what our consultants have to say – The top six reasons for joining Goldchip:

Work from anywhere in the world you choose: We are looking for the very best people, so we won’t be restricted by your location. We won’t expect you to visit clients either, so you can spend the whole day doing productive work—and the whole evening with your loved ones. Unless, you or your clients want to meet each other!

Get to be entrepreneurial but without risk. Goldchip has the best SME’s empanelled with it from diverse segments and regions. You will ollaborate with clients whose credentials are verified. Imagine what it will feel like to consult for SMEs who have genuine need and a verified background; clients who trust you because you are a Goldchip Consultant. Imagine the satisfaction of seeing them grow.

Lock in Customers, Lock out Competition. At every location, for each specific expertise, there will be only one consultant. If you are the chosen one in your location, the clients who reach out to you through Goldchip, will not have access to other Goldchip Consultants from other locations.

Increase your clientele and bandwidth. In the first year itself you will see the numbers grow. It is not merely fulfillment in seeing your contribution to the growth of your client’s organization, but the larger goal of helping the nation’s economy grow. You play an active part in the changing business landscape of India, and that is something you will feel proud of.

Develop personally. We are continuously building our team of world-class professionals. So you’ll be in exciting and stimulating company. Virtual communication platforms will keep you engaged with the our team of consultants. We will facilitate trainings, seminars and conferences on themes of general interest as per your demand.

Develop professionally. SMEs are plagued with problems big corporations do not face. They are deprived of the advantages of economies of scale, IT literacy, systems and procedures, scientific management, financial resources, human resources, exposure to consultants, and training. SME owners are painfully aware of this. With Goldchip Consultants available at the click of a button, they need not go far. Hence, lead generation is a given. Conversion and the advantages thereof, are yours for the taking.

What will you do as a consultant?

You’ll be joining our highly experienced team of experts who are responsible for providing one-on-one leadership to deliver amazing (and measurable) results for our clients. You’ll provide clients with

  • Strategic advice
  • Ideas and content to measurably grow their businesses
  • Unbiased recommendations in your area of core competency
  • Highly professional project management and leadership.

Who will be Our Consultants?

Besides the academic qualifications in your specialized area of consultancy, if you have the following traits, you ought to be with us – on this side of the table.

Do you have self-confidence and the skill at delivering bad news as good? When asked about sensitive issues, it is important to be able to tell a client what cannot be done

Do you have a good understanding of the business and of yourself? Do you have theoretical and practical knowledge? Do you know what solutions have worked in the past and do you constantly whip us ideas about how to improve them?

Do you have transferable skills? Do you apply learning across different situations to come up with innovative ideas? Are the strategies you offer credible and the results you aim at attainable?

Do you have the ability to simplify and explain a problem? Not every customer understands professional lingo. Can you explain ideas simply, whether through a diagram or a metaphor?

Do you have more than one solution to a problem. Do you foresee multiple solutions for one problem? Do you think on your feet when changes and challenges confront you and improvise?

Are you a good listener? Do you prod your clients with questions until you understand your clients’ needs fully?

Are you a team player? Are you game for it when you have to work with a team of experts from several disciplines to arrive at a consensus? Are you able to put aside your personal goals and keep the customer’s goal first?

Can you gain trust of the client? Can you say the harder truth instead of the convenient lie? Can you uncover the real issues and hold up the mirror to your clients? Can you be the mirror on the wall that says ‘you are not the fairest of all’?

Are your feet firmly planted on the ground? Can you remember, even when you find a win-win solution to a seemingly intractable situation, that the customer will walk the red carpet as the star of the story, and you only called the shots?

Do a self-search and contact us at once.

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