Networking with Professional Consultants

Your Network Adds to Your Networth!

A hare and a tortoise lived side by side. The hare was arrogant and one day to show off its strength, told to the tortoise-” You lazy fellow! You can’t even run. Let us have a race”. So there was the first race. The hare slept half way and the tortoise reached the finish line.. The tortoise concluded: ‘Slow and steady wins the race’.

Then the hare was ashamed. So there was a second race. This time hare was alert and won. So the hare concluded: ‘Speed and steadiness wins the race.’

By now they had become friends and decided to have a third race just for fun. They both decided the route together. At first there was a river to cross. The tortoise offered to ferry the hare across the river. This act of tortoise melted the arrogance of the hare. So hare offered to carry the tortoise to the finish line. Thus both were winners.

Now they both learnt: ‘Everyone in a team should leverage on one another’s core competency and success is sure.”

This story is so relevant to you, the SMEs.

Business is like a forest terrain. To cross it effortlessly you need to capitalize on each other’s core competency. If you get to focus on that, and you do not have to fret on the other functions, you achieve your optimum potential.

Networking via Goldchip allows you to:

  • Access strategically focused and purposeful networking
  • Access essential complementary skills and resources
  • Assurance for both the parties that the advice as well as the billing would be appropriate
  • Bring you more resources
  • Concentrate on your distinctive competencies
  • Communicate with experts in our panel
  • Draw upon a range of external resources, including technical advice
  • Gain exposure to diverse points of view
  • Gather expertise from other firms
  • Help financiers identify entrepreneurial opportunities that warrant funding
  • Learn from the failures of others
  • Push the envelope
  • Promote superior performance
  • Secure support, finance, market access and market intelligence

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