This is all about YOU

You (Small and Medium Enterprises) play a vital role for the growth of our economy.

You contribute 45% of the industrial output.

40% of exports in the country happen because of you.

You create one million jobs every year.

You produce more than 8000 quality products for the Indian and international markets.

You promote capital formation by mobilizing the idle savings of public.

You lead to value addition and creation of wealth.

You promote balanced regional development by setting up industries in less developed areas.

You stimulate equitable redistribution of wealth and income in the country.

You enable people to avail better quality goods at lower prices.

You facilitate economic independence and development.

You constantly adapt to changing technology, and develop appropriate Indigenous technology.


Yet your life is not made easy here. Look at the contribution of SMEs in the GDP of countries like USA and UK. They contribute 40%-60% of the GDP and provide employment to 50%+ of the workforce. Even in developing countries like China and Vietnam, the ratios are very similar. However, in case of India, the contribution to GDP is just 20%. This shows huge untapped potential.

When it comes to financing your businesses, you face roadblocks.

It is easier for big businesses to get loan from banks and funding from public. It is easier for employees to get loan from banks, but it is extremely difficult for SMEs to get loan from banks.

You face a number of problems like sub-optimal scale of operation, technological obsolescence, supply chain inefficiencies, increasing domestic and global competition, fund shortages, change in manufacturing strategies and turbulent and uncertain market scenario. To survive with such issues and compete with large and global enterprises, SMEs need a body that gives them a united front, bargaining power and gives them a platform to speak loud and clear in one voice.

The lack of financing is not because of lack of interest of banking institutions but also because of ignorance among SMEs on the financing available.

These financing bodies also lose out on valuable business as they are caught in the quagmire of legal formalities and risk mitigating mechanisms.

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